Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a course

How do I know which course is most suitable for me?

Our courses cater to medical professionals with ranging levels of expertise and interests, and offer complete learning pathways from foundation skills to sub-specialisation. Complete a short Skills Survey on our website to assess your skills or speak to our team for recommendations on the most suitable programs for you.


What are the different study options and locations?

You can choose between face-to-face and online programs. Face-to face programs are held throughout the year all over Australia. Online programs follow a rolling trimester time schedule. For a small additional fee, online program participants can attend the face-to-face equivalent anytime. To develop your clinical skills further, we encourage you to participate in our clinical attachment programs giving you the opportunity to observe experts completing procedures, ask questions and receive guidance. Clinical attachment programs are available in Australia and overseas in the areas of skin cancer medicine, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, and clinical procedures (non-scalpel vasectomy).


Financial matters

What are the costs and payment options of the courses?

Fees will vary based on the program and study-option selected (online vs face-to-face). Payments can be made upfront or in monthly instalments. You will benefit from our Early Bird rate if you register 30 days in advance – this is up to $200 for the certificate courses. GP registrars and doctors in training enjoy access to the HealthCert Education Scholarship which is $500 off on every face-to-face program and $350 off online programs.

Why is the HealthCert course the price it is?

All of the HealthCert courses come with unique benefits and represent a great investment in your professional development, including:

  • All courses are quality assured by esteemed university or renowned teaching institutions.
  • All course presenters are experienced clinicians and/or industry experts in their field.
  • Many of the HealthCert courses provide pathways to various Master’s degrees. As HealthCert is an internationally recognised leader in GP education, completion of certain courses can lead to credit or recognition of prior learning (RPL) with internationally renowned universities.
  • Participants receive relevant CPD points with RACGP and or ACCRM to meet your professional development requirements.
  • Participants gain access to a valuable post-course support program, including webinars with the opportunity to ask questions and submit cases for discussion.

Course cancellations and transfers

What happens if I can't participate in a course?

Should you be unable to participate in the course, please inform us at This will allow us to make your place available to waitlisted doctors. A full refund will be paid for cancellations requested in writing (letter, fax, email) up to 10 business days prior to the course commencement date. After that time, a cancellation fee of $180 will be charged to cover our fixed cost commitments and administration costs. Alternatively, you may wish to participate in the course at a different date/location; a full refund will be paid for transfers requested in writing (letter, fax, email) up to 5 business days prior to the course commencement date. After that time, a transfer fee of $90 will be charged.

Attending a course

Why does HealthCert have professional requirements?

HealthCert is an accredited professional development provider. We take our professional development responsibilities seriously and enable all GPs who attend our courses to consider key elements of professional development. These include planning on how they will use their professional learning in their practice, compiling specialist resources in the field, identifying a network of professional colleagues for support, joining professional associations, and taking advantage of all they offer, keeping up-to-date with research in the field, reflecting on their own practice for continuous improvement, and seeking best practice from around the world. These elements of professional development are also helpful for various types of credit from HealthCert courses to postgraduate pathways in Australia and overseas.

What is included in the 2-day events?

You will receiving the following for your one-time investment:

  • Online pre-course activity in preparation for the two-day workshop, to be completed in your own time
  • Catering throughout the tow-day education event
  • All materials including surgical instruments and consumables for practical sessions
  • Full-colour workbook including all presentation slides and templates
  • Access to the HealthCert Blog and the opportunity to discuss cases and ask questions with the course presenters
  • Access to the course video lectures to help with refreshing your knowledge
What do I need to bring to the education event?

If you have not already provided your RACGP or ACCRM number, please bring this information to the event. Please also bring the venue information sheet to ensure that you can find us easily on the day.

Does HealthCert organise flights and accommodation for the events?

The price of the event does not include any transport or accommodation. Whilst HealthCert is not a travel agent, we do have access to some suggested hotels in the area of your event. If you have already enrolled, this information can be found in the venue and agenda information in the email received. If you have not enrolled and would like this information, please contact

What is your Unique Learning and Total Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you are not able to apply the course learning outcomes in your practice, get in touch with us within 90 days of course completion and you can attend the course again at no cost. If you are not satisfied with the course, simply hand in your course materials at the end of day 1 and we will provide you with a 100% refund.

Alumni post-course support

What is the Alumni Support Program?

Completion of any HealthCert course or attendance at an event will enable you to access the HealthCert Alumni Program which includes:

  • Access to special alumni rates for new courses in their first year of the release
  • Special alumni price for HealthCert Conferences
  • Exclusive advanced access to HealthCert events held both in Australia and overseas
  • Access to the HealthCert Skin Cancer Blog where you can discuss cases and ask questions of the course presenters
  • Regular Alumni Webinars pertaining to the course(s) you have attended. These will provide content review of the course and an opportunity to discuss case studies.
  • Access to the video lectures as seen during the course(s) that you have attended. These are a useful revision tool available to you post attendance at the event.

Exam support and certificates

How can I get access to my eLearning log in details which I have forgotten?

You can find your username in the confirmation email which you received upon enrolment. This should be the same email that your original details were sent to. If you are unable to remember your login details, please email

How long do I have to complete my post-course assessment?

The standard and recommended time to complete the post-course assessment is 3 months after the course attendance date. If you are unable to complete the exam in this time, please email to get an extension.

What can I do if I haven’t received my certificate?

For your HealthCert certificate to be sent, all aspects of the pre- and post-course assessment must be completed. Please check your eLearning portal to ensure that these activities have been completed.

How long does it take to receive my certificate?

Your HealthCert certificate will typically arrive in the month following completion of all pre- and post-course requirements. For example: If you completed all pre- and post-course activities on the 19th of April, your certificate will be printed in early May and sent to you during the month of May. Please allow extra time for weekends, public holidays and recent changes to the Australian postal system.

Can I get a reprint of a University of Queensland certificate for a previously completed course?

Unfortunately, to coincide with the end of the 2014 – 16 triennium, The University of Queensland has advised that it is against university policy to provide a reprint of previous certificates. If you wish to obtain a HealthCert certificate of attendance, please send your request to

Certification and Accreditation

What is HealthCert’s relationship with The University of Queensland?

In 2006, HealthCert and The University of Queensland developed a suite of skin cancer certificate courses specifically targeted at primary care physicians. In 2017, 10 years and almost 7,000 skin cancer courses alumni later, we unfortunately have to part with our foundation partner The University of Queensland due to their organisational change and restructuring of the School of Medicine. Past HealthCert course participants who have received a UQ skin cancer course certificate will receive full recognition of prior learning into the new HealthCert certificate and diploma programs in dermoscopy, skin cancer medicine and surgery. Learn more.

A note from Professor Nicholas Fisk, Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, The University of Queensland
“[…] UQ School of Medicine and HealthCert International have enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership spanning 10 years, and during this time have collaboratively grown a series of Skin Cancer focused workshops targeted primarily towards GPs in Australia. […] The Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (M+BS) is moving into a new organisational model in early 2017. […] One of the outcomes […] is that the Faculty will not be in a position to continue the relationship with HealthCert International […]. We have appreciated the collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership that has seen HealthCert International grow in size and scope throughout our association and we wish you all the very best for your future endeavours. Thank you for the opportunity to have been involved in the development of HealthCert International’s skin cancer training for GPs”.

What is HealthCert’s relationship with Bond University?

Bond University provides quality assurance for HealthCert professional diploma programs in skin cancer medicine, skin cancer surgery, aesthetic medicine, and dermatology.

About Bond University
Bond University is Australia’s leading independent not-for-profit university. In the 2017 Good Universities Guide, Bond University was awarded more 5-star ratings in the student experience category than any other university in Australia, for the eleventh year in a row. Bond University’s Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine is recognised for the excellence of its education and research in the medical, health and sports sciences fields. The Faculty offers a personalised educational experience where students enjoy small class sizes, assured placements and work experience opportunities, as well as comprehensive use of industry equipment and the latest technologies.

What CPD points are available through HealthCert courses?

All HealthCert courses are professionally accredited.

Course RACGP Points ACCRM Points How to Process
Certificate of Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine (Face-to-Face) 80 - Category 1 30 - PRPD 30 - PRPD Surgery Automatic upon completion
Certificate of Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine (Online) 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD Automatic upon completion
Certificate of Primary Care Skin Cancer Therapeutics 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD Automatic upon completion
Certificate of Primary Care Skin Cancer Surgery 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD 30 - PRPD Sugery Automatic upon completion
Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery Workshop (Head & Neck) 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD 30 - PRPD Surgery Automatic upon completion
Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery Workshop (Nose & Lower Limb) 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD 30 - PRPD Sugery Automatic upon completion
Professional Certificate of Dermoscopy 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD Automatic upon completion
Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD Automatic upon completion
Professional Diploma of Dermoscopy 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD Automatic upon completion
Advanced Certificate of Dermatoscopy and Histopathology (Face-to-Face) 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD 30 - PRPD Sugery Automatic upon completion
Advanced Certificate of Dermatoscopy and Histopathology (Online) 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD Automatic upon completion
2016 HealthCert Skin Cancer Conference 2016 HealthCert Skin Cancer Masterclasses (each) 24 - Category 2 12 - Category 2 N/A Automatic upon completion
Certificate in Primary Care Dermatology 24 - Category 2 30 - PRPD Automatic upon completion
Professional Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine 40 - Category 1 30 - PRPD Automatic upon completion
Primary Care Office Procedures Workshop 40 - Category 1   Automatic upon completion
Skin Cancer Business Management Course (Online) N/A N/A  
Medical Business Management Masterclass 12 - Category 2 N/A Automatic upon completion
GP Update Program 12 - Category 2  40 - Category 1* *If complete Clinical Audit N/A Automatic upon completion Submit via HealthCert eLearning Site
Structured Clinical Attachments 40 - Category 1 N/A Self-submit paperwork
Do HealthCert courses qualify as QI (Quality Improvement) activities?

Whilst most of the HealthCert course are accredited with the RACGP as Category 1 activities, they are not automatically QI activities. They may however qualify as a QI activity if the education was a self-directed task initiated by yourself as a GP. Please click here to view how the RACGP explain a QI activity.

Are the courses recognised by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners?

Joint fellowship with RACGP
Doctors practising in Australia and who hold reciprocal Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) will report their CPD to the RACGP whilst working full-time in Australia. However, if you are intending to hold a New Zealand practising certificate and to practise in New Zealand for any portion of the year, you will need to report your CPD to both Colleges. All activities endorsed by the RACGP for their CPD programme are recognised by the College, and can be claimed as endorsed activities; however, New Zealand CPD requirements include compulsory peer review and audit of medical practice components, which are optional in the CPD programme in Australia.

Postgraduate Studies and Professional Pathways

Where does HealthCert fit in the AQF levels?

The AQF levels range from Level 1 (Certificate 1) to Level 10 (Doctoral degree). The lower levels are normally delivered by a Registered Training Organisations (RTO) and they are vocational competency-based qualifications. The higher levels are normally delivered by a university or Higher Education Provider (HEP) and they are academic/research based qualifications.

As an accredited Professional Development Provider with the RACGP, HealthCert does not fit into the AQF levels - we offer Professional Diplomas, not vocational diplomas or higher education diplomas. However, HealthCert has used similar language and concepts to AQF Level 8 in our Professional Diploma courses. Some universities are willing to recognise the prior learning of HealthCert qualifications towards Graduate Certificate/Graduate Diploma units and provide a pathway to Masters degree. In some cases, there are additional requirements that must be met in order to access the pathway. Please contact a HealthCert Education Advisor to learn more.

Does HealthCert certify competence?

HealthCert is a professional development provider, and not a competency-based vocational training provider.

As an RACGP accredited professional development provider, HealthCert's goal is to expand GPs' knowledge of procedures by providing brand-free demonstrations and interactive presentations from experts in the field, in a clear and systematic manner, with practical hands-on activities and a focus on patient safety.

We encourage all GPs, as qualified professionals, to seek and comply with regulations for practice in specific areas and ensure they have appropriate insurance coverage.

Depending on their prior qualifications and experience, GPs may decide to enrol in HealthCert online courses, face-to-face courses, clinical attachments, conferences or masterclasses in addition to networking with a wide range of suppliers to compare their products and support services, and seeking professional mentors and professional association membership.