Surgery is still considered the most effective skin cancer treatment. With limited access to surgeons and year-long waiting lists at public hospitals, patients depend on skilled general practitioners who can offer an immediate solution to their concerns. This three-part program is ideal for acquiring and honing various surgical techniques in the management of more complex skin cancer cases. This will allow you to minimise referrals and become a referral option for your peers. 


Based on your feedback, we will ensure all certificate courses with practical components continue to be available for completion to you with modifications to the delivery format. We are working hard to ensure you receive our usual high-quality education under unusual circumstances. Thank you for your understanding and support, and please don’t hesitate to contact our team of Education Advisors for more information.

Skin Cancer Pathways - David Wilkinson


The Professional Certificate course will extend your ability to perform large elliptical excisions, flaps and grafts. You will learn advanced skin cancer surgery techniques for more complex skin cancer cases.

  • Surgical anatomy and skin lines
  • Local anaesthetic blocks
  • Large elliptical excisions
  • Advanced suturing techniques
  • Rotation flaps
  • Advancement flaps
  • Full thickness grafts
  • Dog ear repairs
  • Wound care and various dressings


Through the Advanced Certificate course, you will learn and hone advanced skin cancer surgery procedures, including various types of flaps and closure techniques to minimise scarring in cosmetically sensitive areas.

  • Anatomy of the head, neck, face, and limbs
  • Advancement flaps and rhomboid flaps on the face, upper lip and lateral nose
  • Rotational flaps in closure of scalp, cheek and distal limb defects
  • Full-thickness and split-thickness grafts on the face and lower limb defects
  • Closure of ear defects with flaps, grafts and wedges
  • Closure techniques to minimise scarring


Through the Professional Diploma course, you will learn how to manage skin cancers on anatomically complex and sensitive areas, including the nose, eyelids, ears, lips, and lower limbs.

  • Neurovascular island flaps
  • Bilobed flaps
  • Banner and rhomboid flaps
  • V-Y flaps
  • Lip wedges
  • Periorbital defects
  • Case presentations

Course Delivery 

The courses in this pathway comprise of three parts, featuring 1) flexible online learning at your own pace, 2) interactive live web tutorials with additional content and demonstrations of procedures as well as 3) an optional small group practical workshop.



Start your online studies anytime and complete the eight modules at your own pace. The video lectures cover clinical theory, demonstrations of procedures and case study discussions and are set up in such a way that you are not required to be online at specific times but can view and replay the video lectures at your convenience. Exam extensions available to suit your busy schedule. 


interactive webinar_icon_circle

Reinforce your learning and ask any questions you might have in four interactive webinars with the presenters, covering real patient case discussions and additional video demonstrations of procedures that you can follow along in your office or home. The tutorials offer the opportunity to join and interact with the presenters online in real-time and can also be reviewed later.



To cement your knowledge, attend an optional practical workshop available at select locations across Australia. The workshops offer the ideal opportunity to apply theory in practice and are delivered in a small group setting with demonstrations and hands-on skills practice of various procedures on pork parts and simulated models under expert supervision and guidance.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS and course requisites

This program is ideal for acquiring and honing various surgical techniques with a special interest in skin cancer surgery. It is suitable for Medical Doctors and International Medical Graduates.

  • Participants of the Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery should have experience in minor surgical procedures.
  • Participants of the Advanced Certificate course must have successfully completed the Professional Certificate course or have similar qualifications.
  • In order to qualify for the Professional Diploma, participants must complete both certificate courses in sequential order.
  • Participants do not have to pass an IELTS test but, as the courses are delivered in English, proficiency in listening, reading and writing in English is assumed.

Course Inclusions

For your one-off investment, you will receive unlimited access to all course content, additional learning materials, ongoing post-course support and more.

  • Online pre-course activity to be completed in your own time.
  • Eight online video modules to be viewed, replayed and completed at your convenience.
  • All presentation slides and further learning materials available for permanent access and download.
  • Instruments and consumables for practical sessions in the optional practical workshop.
  • Post-course online assessment to be completed in your own time within six months of the course start date.
  • Ongoing post-course support in monthly webinars with the opportunity to discuss cases with course presenters.
  • Access to the HealthCert Alumni Portal with additional free learning opportunities, special offers and other benefits.


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Professional Certificate

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Professional Diploma

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Meet Your Instructors

Your instructors are distinguished skin cancer surgeons working with a team of surgical assistants, including:
Dr Tony Dicker

Dr Tony Dicker


Senior lecturer (Skin Cancer) & Course Coordinator MMed (Skin Cancer), The University of Queensland

Dr Tony Dicker has practised full-time Skin Cancer Medicine in Melbourne since 2004, and previously practised in Brisbane. He obtained his PhD from The University of Queensland in molecular biology of skin cancer with Professor Ian Frazer's group at Princess Alexandra Hospital. He then spent three years as a dermatology registrar at the Royal Brisbane and Princess Alexandra Hospitals.
Dr Anthony Azzi

Dr Anthony Azzi

MBBS, MMed (Skin Cancer)

Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland

Director at Newcastle Skin Check, Charlestown NSW

Dr Anthony Azzi graduated from the University of Sydney in 1989 and moved to Newcastle, where he spent the next 13 years working in the public hospital system. He now works in private practice as a Skin Cancer Doctor and Assistant Surgeon. He completed a Master of Medicine in Skin Cancer from The University of Queensland, where he is now a Senior Lecturer. He is a member of the Australian Medical Association, Skin Cancer College Australasia, and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.
Dr Alister Lilleyman

Dr Alister Lilleyman

MBBS, MMed (Skin Cancer), FSCCA

Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland

Skin Cancer Doctor at Newcastle Skin Check, Charlestown NSW

Dr Alister Lilleyman graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1994 and spent the next six years working in the public hospital system. After moving to Newcastle in 2003, he began working in private practice as a Skin Cancer Doctor, Assistant Surgeon, and Vein and Laser Physician. He completed a Master of Medicine degree in Skin Cancer Medicine from The University of Queensland, where he is now a Senior Lecturer. He is a proud member of the AMA (Australian Medical Association), College of Phlebology, and Fellow of the Skin Cancer College Australasia.
Dr Victor Harling

Dr Victor Harling


Skin Cancer Doctor, National Skin Cancer Centres, Redcliffe

Dr Victor Harling obtained his medical degrees from The University of Queensland in 1983. He worked for Queensland Health and the Wesley Emergency Centre for many years before pursuing his interest in Skin Cancer Medicine. Victor undertakes regular professional development courses and has obtained a Diploma of Skin Cancer from the Skin Cancer College Australasia. He is passionate about skin cancer medicine and surgery, and shares his vast expertise with follow GPs in HealthCert certificate course and Clinical Attachments at the Redcliffe Skin Cancer Centre.


Dr Francis Tan

MBBS, MMed (Skin Cancer)

Certificate in Advanced Dermoscopy & Digital Imaging, The University of Queensland

Skin Cancer Doctor at Coorparoo Skin Cancer Centre

Dr Francis Tan graduated from The University of New South Wales in 1986. He worked in a variety of general practice surgeries throughout Australia, including clinics in Sydney, Tweed Heads, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Cairns. He now practises at the Coorparoo Skin Cancer Centre in Brisbane.

Francis obtained a Masters of Medicine from The University of Queensland in 2014 and holds an impressive portfolio of university-certified Professional Diplomas in Skin Cancer Medicine and related fields. He is particularly interested in using dermatoscopy to detect melanoma in situ and performing skin cancer surgery to the best of his ability for the benefit of his patients.
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