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We are Australia's leading provider of certified and accredited education for medical professionals.

About healthcert

  • Our programs are designed for the 28,500 GPs practising in Australia and New Zealand, catering to different expertise and career goals, as well as varying business needs and sizes.
  • More than 8,000 GPs across 15 countries have a ended our programs, which are quality assured by the world's leading universities and teaching institutions.
  • All programs are professionally accredited and offer certificate, advanced certificate and diploma level qualifications in various medical fields.
  • The programs are delivered online and face-to-face in one-day or two-day courses, workshops, and conferences, and offer pathways into various Master's programs.



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Healthcert education events at a glance

Skin Cancer


Skin cancers account for about 80% of new cancers diagnosed in Australia. Patients have limited access to specialists, meaning a large proportion of skin cancers are managed in general practice. Since 2006, more than 6,500 GPs have upskilled with the UQ Skin Cancer Education program, offering a foundation to advanced training in dermoscopy, surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Access doctors at our two-day skin cancer courses across Australia. We run concurrent sessions throughout the year, attracting 100 to 200 delegates at each event.

Dates | Location  
19-20 September 2020 | Sydney

21-22 November 2020 | Brisbane


Aesthetic Medicine  

The latest trends in health and skin care result in an increased demand for skin repair and rejuvenation services – and skilled practitioners.

Promote your products to doctors with a clinical interest in the science of Aesthetic Medicine, the wish to grow their practice in that area and the need for the appropriate equipment.

Dates | Location  
19-20 September 2020 | Sydney

21-22 November 2020 | Brisbane


Clinical Procedures  

This workshop teaches general practitioners how to manage a variety of common problems that require office-based surgical intervention.

Delegates learn a broad range of surgical procedures, local anaesthetic approaches, post-operative care, and various suturing techniques.

Dates | Location  

19-20 September 2020 | Sydney

21-22 November 2020 | Brisbane



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