The National Skin Cancer Centres are based in locations across Australia. These state-of-the-art skin cancer facilities provide a “one-stop shop” to patients for lesion diagnosis and treatment. Participants can solidify their knowledge in one of these dedicated skin cancer centres by spending two working days observing and assisting experienced skin cancer doctors – from initial consultations and patient treatment options to surgical procedures, use of equipment, Medicare billing and patient follow-ups. Clinical attachment places are limited.


The National Skin Cancer Centres are purpose-built, state-of-the-art dedicated skin cancer facilities based in locations throughout Australia. Each of the centres operates with dedicated surgical facilities and trained nursing and administration staff. The centres not only provide a service for self-referred patients but also supports local GPs as a referral centre in their more complex cases. The National Skin Cancer Centres are Australia’s leading provider of skin cancer services and you can view their current locations here. Clinical Attachments are currently available at Redcliffe Skin Cancer Centre and Coorparoo Skin Cancer Centre, Queensland.

 Skin_Cancer_Clinical_Attachment_Redcliffe_Facility2 Skin_Cancer_Clinical_Attachment_Redcliffe_Facility3 Skin_Cancer_Clinical_Attachment_Redcliffe_Facility4 Skin_Cancer_Clinical_Attachment_Redcliffe_Facility5 Skin_Cancer_Clinical_Attachment_Redcliffe_Facility6

Entry Requirements

The clinical attachment program is aimed at qualified general practitioners with a clinical interest in skin cancer medicine who have completed the HealthCert Skin Cancer Medicine or Surgery courses (or equivalent).


The program can be tailored to the participant’s special interests, and activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Full-body skin examinations, consultation, and dermoscopy
  • Biopsy techniques (punch and shave)
  • Cryotherapy, curettage, field treatments
  • Ellipses and direct repair
  • Flaps and grafts
  • Clinical notes and billing


As part of the clinical attachment you will have access to our valuable template resources for use in your own practice:

  • Clinical notes
  • Histology classifications
  • Item numbers
  • Melanoma prognosis charts
  • Patient handouts
  • Flap calculator
  • Treatment options

Meet Your Instructors

Dr Victor Harling

Dr Victor Harling

Skin Cancer Doctor at Redcliffe Skin Cancer Centre

MBBS, FRACGP, Dip Dermatology (Wales)

Dr Victor Harling obtained his medical degrees from The University of Queensland in 1983. He worked for Queensland Health and the Wesley Emergency Centre for a number of years before pursuing his interest in Skin Cancer Medicine.

Victor undertakes regular professional development courses and has obtained a Diploma of Skin Cancer from the Skin Cancer College Australasia. He teaches the Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine course to fellow GPs, delivered in collaboration with Bond University.

Dr Colin Armstrong

Dr Colin Armstrong

BSc, BMBS, MMed (Skin Cancer), FRACGP

Skin Cancer Doctor, Redcliffe Skin Cancer Centre, QLD, Australia

Dr Colin Armstrong is a general practitioner and part-time clinical trials investigator at the Wesley Research Institute, Brisbane. He completed a HealthCert Primary Care Skin Cancer Course in 2009 which sparked an interest in skin cancer medicine as an advancement to his career path. Colin incorporated a skin cancer session once a week into existing general practice, joined the HealthCert dedicated Skin Cancer Centre in 2010, and completed all certificate courses and The University of Queensland Master of Medicine (Skin Cancer) in 2011.

Working primarily in skin cancer since 2010, Colin assists in course development and workshops, and presents both in Australia and the USA. Dr Armstrong is passionate about building GPs’ confidence in their management of skin cancer and has an ongoing commitment to GP education in all facets of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

Dr Ian Greenwood

Dr Ian Greenwood

MBBS, MMed (Skin Cancer)

Dr Paul Paterson

Dr Paul Paterson


Dr Paul Paterson graduated from The University of Queensland in 2003. He completed his residency at Gold Coast Hospital in 2005, before undertaking GP training on the Gold Coast and Yeppoon until 2009. He currently works as a general practitioner at Teneriffe Family Doctors and has practiced at the Redcliffe Skin Cancer Centre since 2016.

Paul has university-validated Advanced Certificates in Skin Cancer Medicine, Skin Cancer Surgery, and Dermoscopy. He is currently completing Professional Diplomas in both Skin Cancer Surgery and Dermoscopy.

Francis Tan__1

Dr Francis Tan

MBBS, MMed (Skin Cancer)

Certificate in Advanced Dermoscopy & Digital Imaging, The University of Queensland

Skin Cancer Doctor at Coorparoo Skin Cancer Centre

Dr Francis Tan graduated from The University of New South Wales in 1986. He worked in a variety of general practice surgeries throughout Australia, including clinics in Sydney, Tweed Heads, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Cairns. He now practises at the Coorparoo Skin Cancer Centre in Brisbane.

Francis obtained a Masters of Medicine from The University of Queensland in 2014 and holds an impressive portfolio of university-certified Professional Diplomas in Skin Cancer Medicine and related fields. He is particularly interested in using dermatoscopy to detect melanoma in situ and performing skin cancer surgery to the best of his ability for the benefit of his patients.

Alvin Prakash__1

Dr Alvin Prakash


Dr Alvin Prakash graduated from James Cook University in 2008. He worked in numerous general practice, surgery and emergency departments before obtaining a fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Alvin developed an interest in Skin Cancer Medicine after noticing a need for the timely and skilled management of skin cancer in the community, and now works at the Darling Downs Skin Cancer Centre. Alvin regularly attends university-certified surgery and dermoscopy courses following an education pathway to subspecialisation in skin cancer, and provides surgical management of skin cancers in difficult regions of the body such as the face and hands.

Skin_Cancer_Clinical_Attachment_Redcliffe_Enthusiastic_team_1 Skin_Cancer_Clinical_Attachment_Redcliffe_Makking_a_Difference


Medical professionals can apply for a two-day program where they will experience first-hand the day-to-day operations and interactions of world class skin cancer centre. Participants will further develop their clinical knowledge by observing experienced skin cancer doctors, participating in case discussions and asking questions on all aspects of skin cancer treatment and patient care.

Please note that we can’t guarantee any specific procedures due to the nature of clinical work and the type of patients seen on certain days.


Medical professionals must submit their application with their preferred dates at least one month prior to the program commencement date. HealthCert will contact the facility and arrange for the placement of the applicant at the host facility. Participants must commence the program latest six months after their application has been accepted.


Participants are expected to independently organise and fund their travel and accommodation throughout the duration of the program. The hosting facility will provide day time activities from 9am to 5pm during weekdays only.


Two-day program for General Practitioners


Five-day program for General Practitioners*


*At Coorparoo Skin Cancer Centre only.



No assessment is required for this activity.

Certification and Accreditation

Supervised Clinical Attachments qualify for Performance Review CPD hours.

  • Must be a minimum of three contact hours.
  • Review the guides and templates available from RACGP and ACRRM prior to commencing a Clinical Attachment to ensure you document all requirements for this self-submitted activity.
  • HealthCert Education will provide a “Certificate of Clinical Attachment – Australia” to confirm completion.