The Certificate of Case Management: Dermoscopy is designed for medical practitioners who wish to improve their diagnostic accuracy using dermoscopy. Facilitated entirely online with personal 1:1 mentorship from dermoscopy expert A/Prof Andreas Blum, there is an opportunity to consider and interpret dermoscopic images and then receive feedback and elaboration on features and indicators within the image.

This mentorship program is tailored to help you distinguish, critically examine and document key features of dermoscopic images using medical reasoning. The learnings can be applied in everyday practice for the faster and more accurate diagnosis of skin lesions, for the betterment of your patients.


The Certificate of Case Management: Dermoscopy is tailored for medical practitioners who wish to enhance their diagnostic accuracy in primary care.

This course is for general practitioners, degree-qualified nurses and dermal therapists, and other degree-qualified health professionals with an interest in skin. The prerequisite for this course is the successful completion of the HealthCert Professional Certificate of Dermoscopy. 

Professionally recognised qualifications and prior studies may be recognised for entry into this course if the learning outcomes match exactly. Please ask a HealthCert Education Advisor for an individual assessment of your prior qualifications and experience.

Participants will require access to a computer/laptop, an internet connection and a basic level of technology proficiency to access and navigate the online learning portal.


  • Step 1: Download dermoscopic images from eLearning
  • Step 2: Analyse and reflect on the images and what they show
  • Step 3: Prepare a written explanation of the key features seen in each image and where they can be seen, using at least one diagnostic algorithm
  • Step 4: Provide a diagnosis for each case and provide medical reasoning based on the information provided with each image
  • Step 5: Receive and review comments and feedback from your mentor, a dermoscopy expert
  • Step 6: Reflect on the feedback and ask for clarification if anything is unclear; further examples may be provided
  • Step 7: Document what you have learned about diagnosis using dermoscopic images through this program

Learning Outcomes:

  • Distinguish and document key features of dermoscopic images.
  • Demonstrate medical reasoning for diagnosis using dermoscopic images.
  • Critically examine dermoscopic images and evaluate them.
  • Document what has been learned from 1:1 mentoring with a dermoscopy expert.




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Your mentor is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost specialists in the fields of dermoscopy:

A/Prof Andreas Blum

MD PhD MSc (DermPrevOncol)

Public, Private and Teaching Practice, Konstanz, Germany

Associate Professor at the University of Tuebingen, Germany

Professor Andreas Blum works in his Public, Private and Teaching Practice in Konstanz, Germany and for teaching purpose he is an Associated Professor of Dermatology at the Medical Faculty of the University in Tuebingen, Germany. Since 1993 he has focused with passion in the wide field of dermoscopy in clinic, research and worldwide teaching. Consequentially, he graduated with a Master of Science in Dermoscopy and Preventive Dermatooncology at the University of Graz, Austria in 2015.


The mentor program is delivered online. The images will be placed on the HealthCert eLearning site and there will be time for consideration and diagnosis before submitting conclusions and receiving feedback from the mentor. The feedback will be personal and on a one-to-one basis.

After the program is delivered, there will be a minimum of 12 months ongoing web-based support to assist with the implementation of learning. This support includes ongoing case discussion with own case submission opportunities.


Case management Certificate of DermoscopyUpon successful completion of the course requirements, you will receive a certificate of attendance for the Certificate of Case Management: Dermoscopy. To learn more about the delivery of certificates in Australia and overseas, please visit our FAQs.


RACGP: CPD Accredited Activity 40 CPD points
PDP Hours:
7 Educational activity
33 Performance review


This certificate:
  • Provides CPD points from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).
  • Provides PRPD points from the Australian Council of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM).
  • Is recognised by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP).
  • Is recognised by the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP). The HKCFP recognises all courses
    endorsed by the RACGP. Points are calculated differently.
  • Is a self-submitted activity in Dubai. The number of CPD points must be stated on the certificate. Please contact PLD@dhcr.gov.ae for more information.
  • Is a self-submitted activity in the UK. CPD events overseas, applicable to a doctor’s scope of practice, may be submitted for revalidation. Please confirm with your Responsible Officer.
  • Is a self-submitted activity in Canada through the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Category 1 points are reported as certified and Category 2 points are reported as non-certified. Contact mainprocredits@cfpc.ca for more information.
  • Meets World Federation of Medical Education standards.


Certified clinical attachments pathway

Optional clinical attachments are available on a 1:1 or small group basis, providing the opportunity to observe dermatological treatments and ask questions of the expert performing the treatments. Clinical attachments are available in Australia and in university teaching hospitals at the University of Lyon and the University of Vienna. HealthCert certificates and university statements are provided for participating in clinical attachments.

The Medical University of Vienna is the largest medical organisation in Austria. One of the top-level research institutions in Europe, it provides Europe's largest hospital, the Vienna General Hospital, with its medical staff.

The dominant areas of study covered by The Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 are science and medicine. Attached to the university are the "Hospices civils de Lyon" including the "Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud", which is the largest teaching hospital in the Rhône-Alpes region and second largest in France. Out of the 2630 faculty 700 are also medical practitioners at local teaching hospitals.


Participation in research

HealthCert alumni have opportunities to participate in research projects conducted by leading experts in the field who teach at HealthCert. Past research projects include a study by Monika Janda on the use of teledermoscopy by GPs, the DermaChallenge project by Professor Harald Kittler and his team, and a research study by The University of Sydney exploring the management of patients with melanoma in primary care in Australia. Research projects and surveys are shared via the HealthCert blog which is available to HealthCert alumni.